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About gSCAN

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Web Scan

A fake attack code is sent from the GWC data center to test for vulnerabilities in the web server and the application server.

Vulnerability testing is supported for the two largest security vulnerabilities: XSS (Cross-site scripting) and SQL Injection.

We can provide a flexible diagnostic schedule ranging anywhere from a single diagnostic to a daily diagnostic schedule.

Network Scan

We base our vulnerability tests on the version of your application, router, Firewall, Linux, Apache, or OS.

We will check open ports within your router and Firewall (Port scan).

Common Considerations

You will be able to see the report immediately after the diagnostic is complete.

We will repair vulnerabilities found during the diagnostic and after taking countermeasures we offer a low cost re-diagnostic.

We also perform trial diagnostics free of charge.

Why do we need vulnerability testing?

gSCAN Features

Diagnostic Report Sample

Overview ・Overall Assessment

OverviewOverall Assessment

SQL Injection Vulnerability Results ・Description

OverviewOverall Assessment


Service Menu

We offer several options for diagnostic plans, ranging from a one time diagnostic to re-diagnostic packs and daily diagnostics.

Diagnostic Per 1 URL Menu (Tax not included)
1 time only Including a re-diagnostic within one year
(2 diagnostics)
1 year daily diagnostics
150,000 Yen 200,000 Yen 300,000 Yen
Option Menu (Tax not included)
On-site Briefing Session
(Metropolitan area)
100,000 Yen

* We offer an on-site briefing session service wherein a security engineer will visit the customer and explain their diagnostic results.

About the Trial Diagnostic

Free Trial Diagnostic

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We will also perform a free trial diagnostic for 1 URL. The contents of the diagnostic are identical to gScan. The diagnostic report will list only a few of the vulnerabilities that are detected based on their classification (Emergency, critical, high, medium, low, information). We will provide a detailed report once you have signed a contract with us.