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Learn about six developing trends in cybersecurity from one of the industry’s most respected reports.
Emerging trends in cybersecurity The much-anticipated 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report released by Verizon provides a wealth of tremendously helpful information. Since reading through it in its entirety will require quite a bit of time, we’ve taken the liberty of isolating six particularly significant trends. We’ve divided them into those which are broadly acknowledged, and those on which a consensus has yet to be reached. We hope this is helpful to you as you work to fortify your organization’s cybersecurity…
Listen to industry experts discuss how to successfully implement hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures.
Podcast: Supporting organizations with their heads in the clouds Increasing needs for data storage mean that on-premises infrastructure is insufficient, driving companies to reach for the cloud, transforming to hybrid cloud or multi-cloud infrastructures. The problem is that adoption of the cloud may have been initiated without sufficient planning, leading to “tool sprawl.” Organizations can lose control of these tools and costs can spiral. In this installment of the BriefingsDirect Voice of the Innovator podcast series, host Dana Gardner—Interarbor Solutions…
Moving enterprise apps to the public cloud is easier, safer, and more fiscally friendly than you thought!
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