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Our product range includes:

HP Moonshot

The world’s first ”Software defined server’ that will herald the future generation of performance and efficiency.
Through the Moonshot Venture Partnership (MVP), we are receiving test environments and technical support from our partners in HP.

HP ProLiant Server (BL/DL/ML Line)

Industry standard x86 servers which cover entry level to mission-critical systems.
This product meets a wide range of needs of our customers as it can greatly reduce the operational load in the entire life cycle of the implementation, monitoring, analysis, and reporting.


A flexible capacity plan that exceeds physical dimensions is made possible through advanced virtualization technologies, the Proliant- compatible external storage system of DAS (Direct Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network). These offer the optimum storage solutions for every business.

HP Networking

We offer a lineup of products with high cost effectiveness, including switches and routers which are compliant to different networks such as wireless LANs, branch office networks and even data center networks.

HP Client PC (Tablet/Note/Desktop/Workstation/ThinClient)

This product is the answer to the various demands of business, such as maintenance, security, scalability, compatibility, in addition to its high durability for long term use.

You can choose from an extensive lineup of this product line depending on the purpose of use and budget.

Features and Strengths

One of our strengths as a global account partner are strong partnerships (including the old Compaq) for over 20 years.
Our bilingual staff are well-equipped with the knowledge of products and solutions necessary for global pricing, procurement of models and global-based projects.

Results & Related Services

Top performing HP partners across the Asia Pacific region-Enterprise Group 2014