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Podcast: Composable infrastructure for easier automation of IT

Check out this informative conversation on the importance of composability in IT infrastructure and challenges to achieving it.

A composable IT infrastructure is an essential element in the construction of a public or hybrid cloud solution. And now that IT can no longer afford to evolve at its own pace, it is more important than ever to apply the power of software to freeing IT functions such as computing, storage, and networking from their traditional physical embodiments, transforming them into malleable collections of resources. But where do we start to make the decisions that can ultimately afford our on-premises data centers the same valuable flexibility offered by public cloud environments?

Dana Gardner, Interarbor Solutions principal analyst, welcomes HPE OneView automation and ecosystem product manager Frances Guida to this latest installment of the BriefingsDirect Voice of the Innovator podcast series. The discussion centers on ways to overcome the many challenges presented by the multiple toolsets that have become a fact of life in an increasingly complex IT environment, thereby facilitating future innovation in a world where speed is anything but a luxury.