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Gateway Computer, Co., Ltd. has more than 35 years of experience working with HPE as an “Global Account Partner”. Together, our service and infrastructure can modernize, automate and transform your business.

Staying competitive in today’s digital workplace is a challenge for organizations with outdated infrastructure and applications – that leave them light years behind in speed, agility, and security. Gateway Computer helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation.


Single point of contact for all HPE technology solutions

A dedicated team of HPE program managers and pricing experts on staff

Services provided

Gateway Computer provides a full range of services to support HPE hardware and software, including servers, networking, converged infrastructure, hybrid cloud solutions and more. Our offerings are;

Solution Examples

  • Pre-sales Specification
  • Project Planning and Professional Services
  • On-site Installation, Configuration and Integration
  • Server virtualization environments
  • Migration Services

HPE SimpliVity for VDI Configuration example

Product Lineup

We provide powerful support for your business with our selection of high-end products, encompassing everything from fully integrated systems and servers to storage and software.