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Inoculation Log Common Considerations

A service for sending email attacks to target recipients(Inoculation).

Disguise as a sender and setup an email that suits for your environment.

Email open rates will decrease through two trainings.

Word files are created, attached and sent to keep track how many recipients has opened the attached files.

Attachments are for tracing sealed or unsealed files. They are harmless to any devices.

A tool will log opened attached files as history to GWC cloud.

You will be able to see the report during or after inoculation at any time.

If you are dissatisfied with your results, we offer multiple training for a lower cost.

Why do we need inoculation test?
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We offer 2 training or multiple training pack as a base. We have flexible options for inoculation plans, ranging from one recipient to many.

Service Price(Tax not included)*
Base Price
300,000 Yen
1 ~ 10 Recipients 11 ~ 100 Recipients 101 ~ 500 Recipients 501 ~ 1000 Recipients 1001 ~ Recipients
100,000 Yen 200,000 Yen 300,000 Yen 400,000 Yen Consult with us

* Service price for gINC service will be base price + number of recipients.