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WAF Differences between WAF, IPS/IDS and F/W Exclusive Blade

WAF(Web Application Firewall) is a Firewall specific for website applications.

It detects attacks to vulnerability and protects web applications from it.

Multiple web applications can be protected from attacks all at once.

General Firewall cannot prevent attacks like “SQL Injection” or “XSS”.

IPS/IDS detection precisions are considered weak in today’s standards.

We will provide exclusive blade for big users.

In that case, we will set a second line and exclusive blade to double the speed of WAN connection (1Gpbps MAX) depending on the traffic.

Why do we need Web Application Firewall?
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※Tax not included.
※1 More than 2 FQDN requires optional fee.
Average track Initial cost Monthly cost Number of host(FQDN)
~500kbps 98,000 Yen 19,800 Yen 1
500kbps~5Mbps 49,800 Yen
5Mbps~10Mbps 118,000 Yen
10Mbps~50Mbps 198,000 Yen 138,000 Yen 10※1
It includes 1 host for SSL connection.
50Mbps~100Mbps 188,000 Yen
100MbpsOver Individual quotation Separate consultation
Adding host for SSL 1 host(1FDQN) per addition 10,000 Yen/Month
Monthly report 20,000 Yen/Month