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Business Solution

Business Solution

Unified Communication

Cloud PBX

With PBXL’s “Cloud-based PBX Business Phone Solution,” you can use PBX via cloud service; thus eliminating costs for construction, as well as costs for installation and maintenance of PBX. Calls between offices and smartphone extension code usage is made easy; along with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), 3 way call (conference calls), call forwarding, hold, and more. Everything you need in a business phone to improve efficiency in the workplace.

Video Conference / IP Phone / Headset

Low cost, High quality video conference system These systems have basic connections to PC and meeting room, smart devices such as iPhone/iPad support smooth communication with clear quality even in your telework environment.



Although various chatbot system have appeared, “Cogmo Attend” is different from chatbot systems.”Cogmo Attend” which applied technology of “IBM Watson” understands the word people speak (natural language) and questions with a complicated branch condition. It provides not only basic web interface but can also integrate into LINE, facebook and other applications. Chatbot for this AI era should be “Cogmo Attend”!


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) refers to automation of human-based tasks on a computer with a robot. It is a solution that is currently attracting a lot of attention and can improve business efficiency and productivity. We are working as a partner of “WinActor” and “Automation Anywhere”.

Cloud Solutions


From small offices with 25 employees to enterprise companies, with the latest Office applications we can provide an all-in-one service that meets the needs of all office types, such as email, file sharing, WEB meetings, and so forth. When migrating from your existing environment, we offer a combination of bilingual help desk services and on-site or remote maintenance. We offer total packages based around “Account Management”, “Failure Support”, and “Preventative Maintenance”.

Case Study


Acronis Cyber Protect is the only solution that natively integrates cybersecurity,  data protection and management to protect endpoints, systetems, and data for a wide variety of customers ranging from small businesses to large companies. The corporate data DR and BCP measure solutions in particular are notable.