Gateway Computer Co., Ltd.

Case Study

IT Products/Answer Studio Co., Ltd.

It is because of GWC we could implement our server migration to the latest Cloud system and keep its steady operation.

Please tell us about how you met Gateway Computer (hereafter referred to as GWC).

We’re thankful that you’ve been there to help us since our inception. We’ve been able to request help with everything from installing new equipment to troubleshooting various things.

How long have we been working with you?

Since we were founded, so about ten years.

Initially, what kind of problems did you have and what kind of support were you looking for?

Our Exchange Server was old and we were worried about how we would replace it. The version was too old, so we thought there were going to be risks and costs that would come along with the replacement. That was why we consulted Mr. Komizo.

What did you expect from GWC?

We wanted GWC to prevent risks and arrange for our email system to continue at as low of a cost as possible.

Have you had any issues or problems while working with GWC?

We thought that it would be best to continue using the same email we had until now. However, Mr. Komizo and the person in charge of GWC’s SE suggested introducing the cloud Office365 because replacing our dilapidated systems was going to be incredibly costly.

What was the deciding factor for working with GWC?

After checking several cloud service systems, GWC suggested the one that benefited us the most. After comparing them, we knew that we needed the best cloud mail system. From preparation to introduction, the processes were fit to our schedule and explained in an easy to understand way, which was a great help.

What was the difference between other companies and GWC?

That you seriously considered and suggested better solutions for us. Then, when introducing these solutions, they were clearly explained in detail. When we changed our systems, we had to replace equipment and there were significant risks and costs.  We had no idea about the advantages of cloud systems.

Was GWC able to provide you with support beyond your initial expectations?

You have suggested greater solutions and provided support better than expected. Even though we were initially worried about the documents from the old system, the transition was smooth without a single problem at all.

Please tell us if there were any moments wherein GWC went beyond your expectations with business follow-ups, support correspondence, etc.

Problems with our old systems were investigated immediately and you helped pave the way to solving specific problems. You moved so quickly that it became easier for us to set up IT strategies as well.

How were your initial problems solved as a result of our work at GWC?

Thanks to you, we not only cleared the initial challenge of improving our old system, but through the introduction of the cloud system, we were able to reduce the maintenance and installation costs of equipment. Our data is protected by advanced security, we can receive substantial manufacturer support, etc., so we’re even happier with the results than expected.

【Company Information】

Official Company Name
The Answer Studio Co., Ltd.
Sakura Kamiogi Building 4-25-19 Kamiogi, Suginami Ward, Tokyo 167-0043
Year Established
10,000,000 yen
Representative Director Tokunaga Motoyoshi
Number of Employees
80 (Japan)
Animation Production