Gateway Computer Co., Ltd.

Case Study

Infrastructure/International Nuclear Services Japan KK

Thanks to GWC’s prompt and sincere response to our IT needs, we can focus on our core business.

Please tell us about how you met GWC.

As I recall, we were approached as a new customer.

How long have we been working with you?

Since we started in 2000.

What did you expect from GWC?

As I mentioned earlier, we were hoping that GWC could stabilize our system so management could focus on our core business.

Were there any issues that were not initially recognized as problems that were pointed out by GWC?

Correspondence is quick and the responses are flexible as well.

Were you considering other companies for their services? If so, what was the deciding factor for working with GWC?

Due to company policy, we did have to compare GWC with other vendors. However, due to your ability to deal with all problems at once and your comprehensive expertise, as well as your flexibility to meet our needs, we decided to go with Gateway Computer. Since then you’ve been faithfully supporting our requests.

What was the difference between other companies and GWC?

In 2007 we had a big project that involved moving to our current office. Before we moved, nobody knew the password to the firewall (Laughs), so from the point of view of stability, we couldn’t say it was complete yet. Therefore, we used this opportunity to plan a project to renew our network. However, as described above, without having full-time IT, this project would have been very difficult for us. However, thanks to Gateway taking care of everything from the cabling of the floor to the configuration of the firewall, we were able to open our new office without any problems. Additionally, as a result of having a stable system, we were able to operate in a less costly manner than before. I think that this kind of comprehensive support is what makes you different from other companies.

Was GWC able to provide you with support beyond your initial expectations?

Initially we had several problems, but you steadily removed our issues and we are very happy to say we now have a stable system environment.

Please tell us if there were any moments wherein GWC went beyond your expectations with business follow-ups, support correspondence, etc.

We were wondering if there was some way to get the password of the above-mentioned firewall, and you tried some hacker-like things for us. Although they didn’t work, of course. (Laughs)

How were your initial problems solved as a result of our work at GWC?

We were a company with critical problems that didn’t have IT staff and now that we have a stable system and can operate efficiently, we can concentrate on our core business. It took a great deal of time to get to this point (Laughs), but we’ve incredibly happy with the results.

Please introduce GWC to any corporations planning to establish Japanese subsidiaries or companies with headquarters abroad.

1. English assistance 2. Quick correspondence 3. Ability for comprehensive project management 4. Sense of security with IT management

【Company Information】

Company Name
International Nuclear Services Japan KK
Headquarters Location
United Kingdom
Japan Location
C-6 9F, The Imperial Hotel Tower, Uchisaiwaicho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
Representative President Mark Crowther
8 (Japan)
Management, consultancy and transport services covering uranium, MOX fuel, irradiated fuel and nuclear waste