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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Principles of our Privacy Policy

Gateway Computer Co., Ltd. (hereafter, we), believe that personal information entrusted to us is a very important asset in IT solutions such as network infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance services, etc.. We believe that it is our social responsibility to manage personal information appropriately and follow the personal information protection management system (PMS) along with other laws and regulations related to personal information. We stay true to these through appropriate management and continuous improvement.

1. Acquisition of personal information

When we acquire your personal information, we will inform you about the purpose of use and our liaison for this matter, etc. And by lawful and fair means, we will only acquire what information is deemed necessary.

2. Purpose of personal information

We will only use your personal information for the following purposes below and not for any other purposes. We have also adopted the appropriate measures to ensure that it will not be used for anything other than the purposes below.

  • Customer support functions such as the help desk, maintenance, etc.
  • Customer management such as customer acquisition, delivery, billing and payment services, etc.
  • Human resource management and recruitment plans
  • DM Creation

3. Provision to third parties of personal information

We strictly manage personal information and we will not provide your information to any third party unless we obtain your consent or the following occur:

  • Under the provision of law
  • If it is deemed necessary for the protection of the person’s life, body, or property

4. Thorough Implementation of Measures Ensuring the Safe Management of Private Information

We incorporate both technical and organizational means to constantly maintain the precautions necessary to safeguard personal information from unauthorized access and from being lost, destroyed, altered, and leaked. We also perform necessary and appropriate monitoring of our employees’ and external parties’ control and maintenance of the personal information.5. Strict observance of laws and regulations related to personal information, etc.We strictly adhere to the laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, government guidelines and principles as well as other technicalities associated with personal information.6. Procedure for responding to requests for disclosureRegarding the handling and management of personal information, our company has a contact person as well as a designated procedure in order for us to respond to complaints and inquiries or to handle requests for disclosure, modification and/or suspension of use within our best efforts.7. Continuous improvement of PMS

By educating our staff members about the handling of personal information, we make it a priority to improve the management of personal information and ensure that everyone at the company is aware of the PMS.

For inquiries about personal information, please contact our Personal Information Liaison Officer at the Administration Department TEL:03-5823-8130

Gateway Computer Co., Ltd. President Shuichi Hayashi

Date of enactment: 4/1/2011 Date of change: 7/25/2016

Handling of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

Regarding discloseable personal information currently in our possession, we follow the procedure below for responding to requests from the person concerned or a representative regarding notification of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, use stop, deletion or suspension of provision to a third-party claim (hereinafter “request for disclosure, etc.”).

1. Contact for Inquiries and Compulaints about the Handling of Personal Information

Gateway Computer Co., Ltd. Administration Department Personal Information Liaison Officer Shimohata Yoshiki Tel:03-5823-8130 FAX:03-5823-8131 e-mail:

2. Procedure for checking the person associated with the request for disclosure, etc.

When making a request for disclosure, etc. please prepare the identification documents (of the person concerned and/or the representative) and forward the request to our Personal Information Liaison Officer. To check the identity of the person concerned or his/her representative, we require a copy of a health insurance card, a pension booklet, or a residence certificate (issued within 3 months). The information about the permanent address or legal domicile should be covered before sending or bringing it to us. Furthermore, for representatives or proxies, we will require a Power of Attorney in order to verify the request.

3. Handling fees for responding to requests for disclosure

We do not levy fees when handling requests for disclosure of information.

4/1/2012 Gateway Computer Co., Ltd. President Shuichi Hayashi