Gateway Computer Co., Ltd.



For foreign companies Founded as a hardware vendor

Bubble economy in Japan. Gateway computer Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 (Showa Year 57). During that time, there were many Western companies that established branch offices in Japan; however, there was a lack of hardware vendors who could provide the necessary bilingual support that these companies needed. And to fill that gap, we have collaborated efforts with foreign engineers, thus we have been able to provide IT support services to mostly foreign clients for over 40 years. And even up to now, we have been commissioned by many foreign companies to support them in establishing branch offices in Japan, providing the 3-axes of IT support service: infrastructure, outsourcing and solution.

Bilingual capacity with a customer satisfaction level of 98%

Since its establishment, we have been providing services based on our 5 core strengths.

1. High level of bilingual capacity 2. High level of professionalism 3. High speed of delivery 4. Sincere and dedicated staff 5. The continuous effort to put ourselves in the customer’s perspective

While these are considered to be the basics of any business, we have dedicated ourselves to take these to heart. These principles brought our company to where it is now, and as such, we are fully certain that we will continue to do so in the future. Furthermore, results from our survey reveals a high level of customer satisfaction at 98% (※1), which is a testament to our business.

※1: Based on a survey of our clients, 98 percent of the respondents said that they were “very satisfied” about Gateway Computer’s services.

What matters to us the most “Smile Gateway”

In a good sense, our business approach is like that of a family, hence its “user-friendly” reputation among our clients. In addition to that, we do business not only to seek profit, but we also try to connect to our customers as we want them to be happy to work with us. “We are glad we chose Gateway Computer,” is the response that we would like to hear from our clients; hence, it is our duty to create a friendly atmosphere in our daily business. And by living out the corporate vision of “Smile Gateway,” we strive to build relationships where we and all of our stakeholders grow together.

The transition to IT service provision vis-a-vis globalization

Recently, a new medium-term management plan has been formulated wherein the company will undergo transition from its current role as an IT vendor to an IT service provider. This is in order for us to adapt to the current trends while providing our own high value-added service for the clients satisfaction. Also, as part of our globalization efforts, we have also launched the Singapore Branch on April 2011. In the future, we envision the company branching out across countries in Asia such as Hong Kong, followed by America and Europe. And because most of our clients are global major players, following our experience here in Japan, we seek to provide more services in a way that existing SI vendors have not been able to accomplish.

Provide Creation, Sensation and Value

In order to meet ever evolving IT demands, we offer a bilingual, one-stop service that covers planning, implementation and maintenance.

President Shuichi Hayashi