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Office Startup Support

A wide variety of facilitation services, support, and guidance are available to our customers. Services available include network design/cabling for a new office, server room construction, UPS support, and PBX support. Additionally, we offer transportation support for equipment when relocating offices or changing office layouts, as well as data center racking work.

~Service Area~ ●Japan…support within the Tokyo area. ●Singapore…support via GWC SINGAPORE. ●Korea…we will introduce our partner vendor. ※Please feel free to ask us about other areas.

Service Case Study


As your IT support center, we will provide you with a consulting service and project management service for your new office startup in Japan, Singapore, and Korea.

  • ●Consulting
  • ●Project management, etc.


Based on your requests, we will support your infrastructure construction.

  • ●Moving, Racking, Disposal
  • ●Lan Cabling, Telephone line construction, Wireless access point(AP) installation
  • ●Network construction, Wifi Survey
  • ●Migration, etc.

IT Products

Select from 390,000 IT products of 4,000 different manufacturers.

  • ●Server
  • ●Desktop PCs, Monitors, Laptops
  • ●Smartphones, Tablets
  • ●Office supply, etc.

Partner List




Server Integration

Taking advantage of our 30 years of multi-vendor experience, we design and construct plans that fit our customer’s needs. Our strong relationships with hardware and software partners allows us to have the latest technology available for the solutions provided by our bilingual engineers.


  • ●Server Replace, Consolidation
  • ●HCI, Vartualization
  • ●AD, Fileserver Integration, etc.

Partner List


  • ●Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • ●VDI, RDS Solution
  • ●PoC, etc.