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Security Policy

Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Gateway Computer Co., Ltd. (Referred to as “We” here), with “Smile Gateway” as its corporate slogan, provides IT services related to IT infrastructure, outsourcing and solutions to mainly foreign companies and to a wide range of customers.

In addition to “Providing Creation, Sensation and Value” – With a high business service mindset, we strive to develop new solutions and to improve employee competence so that we can achieve high customer satisfaction and provide value beyond our customers’ expectations and continue to add value on an ongoing basis.

In order to realize such a vision, we believe in maintaining high corporate ethics involving information security and in protecting customer, and our information assets. We have established an information security policy here and put it into practice, considering it as an important responsibility.


1. Purpose of information security

We regularly define information security objectives and assess their attainment.

2. Management of information assets

The company uses personal information for the following propose only and any other purpose not mentioned here is considered incorrect use of information. In addition, we will take full measures not to use it for any other purpose.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with business and information security laws, regulations and contractual requirements.

4. Implementation of education and training

We will provide the necessary education and training to information security personnel, employees and other users of information assets to enable them to fully recognize the importance of the information assets and the understanding of our regulations. We will also do our best to disseminate this policy.

5. Manage Information Security Incidents

We will prevent the occurrence of information security problems and respond promptly to any problems that may occur.

6. Continuous improvement

We regularly review the operation status of information security and related rules and make improvements as necessary. 


Date of enactment: August 16, 2017 

Gateway Computer Co., Ltd. 
President Shuichi Hayashi